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The Harpsichord and its Repertoire
Proceedings of the International Harpsichord Symposium Utrecht 1990

Edited by Pieter Dirksen

Utrecht: STIMU Foundation for Historical Performance Practice, 1992

275 pages



1. Construction and Restoration
Grant O’Brien: The Restoration of Ruckers Instruments: A Personal View
Hubert Henkel: Remarks on the Use of the Sixteen-Foot in Historical Harpsichord Building
Jean Tournay: The Double Orientation in Harpsichord Building in the Low Countries in the 18th Century
Walter Vermeulen: The Restoration of a Shudi Harpsichord

2. Matters of Performance Practice
David Ledbetter - What the Lute Sources tell us about the Performance of French Harpsichord Music
Harald Hoeren - Remarks on Harpsichord Building and Repertoire in France from 1650 till 1770
Beverley Scheibert - New Information about Performing ‘Small Notes’

3. Johann Jakob Froberger
Rudolf Rasch - Johann Jakob Froberger and the Netherlands

4. Johann Sebastian Bach
Christoph Wolff - The Identity of the ‘Fratro Diletissimo’ in the Capriccio B-flat major and Other Problems of Bach’s Early Harpsichord Works
Pieter Dirksen - The Background to Bach’s Fifth Brandenburg Concerto
Werner Breig - Zur Werkgeschichte von Bachs Cembalokonzert in A-Dur (BWV 1055)
Peter Schleuning - Bach’s Chromatic Fantasy and the Genesis of Musical Sturm und Drang

A Froberger Miscellany (compiled by Rudolf Rasch and Pieter Dirksen)
I The Huygens-Froberger-Sibylla Correspondence
II A Preliminary Source-List of the Keyboard Music
III Bibliography

Index of Names

From the Reviews:

"A volume of great interest, the equivalent of the better collection of essays concerning organs and organ-music, and full of material relevant and useful to the latter. It deserves to become an important item in many a future harpsichord bibliography, well edited and produced."
(Peter Williams in Organ Yearbook)

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